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New construction is happening everywhere, for instance near the Fort (5-star resorts, waterfront apartments, etc). It is similar to India where it is frowned upon for them to have fun with their friends.The ones you see in nightclubs are either "Westernized" Sri Lankan girls, girls who come with their husbands/boyfriends, or prostitutes.Sexxy was first started as an exclusive On-Premise Party in various hotel suites in New York City.After meeting so many amazing couples open to the swinger lifestyle, we decided to build a website with a community feel to it where members were treated as friends and not as numbers.The first one is called Independence Square Arcade and the second one is Park Mews.The 3 neighborhoods mentioned above (The Fort, Kollupitiya or Cinnamon Gardens) are the best ones to choose for a stay in Colombo.On weekends, most nightclubs and bars will charge an entrance fee to men.The fare varies from 1,000Rs up to 2,500Rs and you'll get drink coupons in exchange.

Some of the best options for sleeping in Kollupitiya are: → Budget hotel - 35$ per night: CJ Villas (rated 8.2) → 100$ per night: Mandarina (rated 9.1) or Ocean Front Hotel (rated 8.4) → Over 200$ per night: Movenpick (rated 9.1) or Kingsbury Apartments (rated 8.4) This is an affluent neighborhood with a central location, but the choice of hotels is limited. → Less than 50$ per night: Cool Colombo7 (rated 8.1) → 100$ per night: Jetwing Colombo 7 (rated 8.7) → 200$ per night: Paradise Road - Tingagel (rated 9.1) Colombo nightlife is quiet on most nights except on Friday, Saturday, and Wednesday (if you go to the right venues).

Before paying, try asking the bouncers if you can have a quick look inside to check the crowd situation.

Avoid wearing shorts and sandals in high-end venues.

I was there on a Wednesday and it was crowded (90% Sri Lankans, 20% women).

The music was commercial Rn'B/EDM and people were dancing enthusiastically. The music is from a DJ mixing EDM and Top 40 tunes.

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