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What made me to give 5 stars is that super support from developers. – Apple do not state a delay for validation but we normally see apps validated with 10 working days (but this is up to Apple).Thank you Dave & team for the great plugin and support..! – Google is much faster and you should generally see your app in all stores with 24 hours. It’s looks these are a team of spam, fraud , unprofessional developers.If you have the need I would try this plugin, you can get an idea of ho your app will look and perform without ever spending a penny, then once you are comfortable you can take it to the app stores for such a minimal cost.

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Having a mobile app for is still quite rare, this can give you a leap in advance against your competition. After a week of no response I uploaded the Android myself and contacted support for a timeline of when the IOS would be uploaded.By upgrading to premium you will remove all ads and can even display your own mobile ads to monetize your mobile app. Thanks to all your suggestions we have rebuilt the mobile app builder. Make a mobile app for FREE thanks for all your support and kind remarks by email. A Mobile app creates a Direct Marketing Channel a Mobile app serve many functions: they can provide general info, contact prices, reserve forms, search engines, user accounts, messengers, news feeds, events, special deals and even more. Upload Once you publish your app, it will go through several stages. So I was like okay, maybe it will work – I’ll be patient.You can now use any of the 50,000 wordpress plugins GET OUR MOBILE APP PLUGIN FOR FREE Invite 8 friends and we will create your android mobile app plugin for free! Why your business or blog needs a mobile app There are now more than 500 million i Phone’s in the world. Thanks to push notifications you can get even closer and directly interact from your mobile app to your client. Then after paying them /month for 6 months plus to upload it to google play and the app store, I finally realized I was never going to get what I paid for.Publish your wordpress site as an app that is available in the google and apple stores.The amount of work he put into this plugin and the results are impressive and just whole new world of monetizing options now that it is available when someone searches for my sites content in their app store.

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