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At the outset, groups chatted among themselves, but things changed when a young couple, Mark and Emily, sat at the head of the table.

Both teachers, the couple from Round Rock were Dinner Lab veterans who shared their best moments from previous gatherings, as well as other social dining clubs they have joined.

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It was the regular meetup of Austin Vegan & Vegetarian Association with members, newcomers, and curious dates gathered in small, familiar groups outside the African-style restaurant.Looking around our table, our fellow diners appeared to be a mix of those willing to eat pretty much anything and those who gingerly explored each dish to identify its components before eating.Being unfamiliar with others at our table didn’t last long.A year and a half ago, with expansion, Austin became the first market outside the Crescent City. The best way to describe the implementation of Dinner Lab at the Austin outpost is a blend of predictability mixed with a touch of irreverence and whimsy.On this particular outing, seven large, rectangular tables dotted the dreamscape of the Sanctuary, an idyllic outdoor meeting space.

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