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She now uses these skills as his assistant consulting detective.

Joan first meets Sherlock Holmes in "Pilot" where she has been employed by Sherlock's father (sight unseen) to look after him, as Sherlock has just been released from drug rehab.

She Joan went to medical school and graduated as the class valedictorian.

After that, she became a surgeon for an unknown amount of time until she made a mistake during one operation which ultimately cost the patient his life.

In "The Leviathan", when the blood evidence found at a murder scene came back to a woman who not only had no connection to the victim, but was not even in the country, Joan saw a ribbon in the woman's house, which she recognised as a reward given to bone-marrow donors, which led them to the real killer.

Although she hasn't been a surgeon for some time now, Joan has been shown to still be very skilled in the matter.

She has displayed such talents that Jamie Moriarty, who originally dismissed her as a pet or mascot, went so far as to engineer the murder of Elena March, an incarcerated crimelord who sought to eliminate Joan.

Doctors Dating is a niche online UK dating site for doctors, nurses and medical professionals throughout the UK.

Joan also sees a therapist who disapproves of her association with Sherlock, believing it has become an obsession and a danger to her safety.Later, she met a young girl who was a patient of an old friend of hers.Joan thought that the girl had Endocarditis, which even her friend did not think was possible, and was proven to be right.Search your local area to find single doctors and nurses looking for a date near you.So whether you work within the medical profession or just fancy those that do, stop spending those lonely nights in.

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