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I had a hundred thousand people watching my podcast in a matter of minutes. “But it seemed my reputation had preceded me because when I sat down with the rap mogul, Phillip appeared ready for the firing squad.

We dueled well as I asked the hard questions—the questions of a fan. ” “What do you mean, call to answer.” “You fucking interviewed Titan? I wanted to surprise everyone.” “And you didn’t bring me? I’ll feel guilty later.” “Yeah.” Her voice dropped. “Yeah, Stella, that’s so cool.” Another toilet flushed.

I, like millions of others, am a huge fan of his genius.

The average song is three and a half minutes long; those three and a half minutes could lead to a slow blink, a glimpse of the past, or catapult the soul into heart-shattering nostalgia. You see, my favorite songs had a way of playing simultaneously.

Feel free to form your own opinions, but above all, remember it’s the music that matters most.” I linked my pre-recorded interview and watched the ticks explode as soon as his face hit the screen. With pride, I watched my interview with the white whale, the Moby Dick of the music industry.

Gorgeous, brilliant, and highly elusive, Phillip Preston was the hardest artist to get personal with in an interview.

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