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The award shall be made to the outstanding New Zealand earth science technician of that year, with the qualification that no person shall be eligible to receive the award more than once.Eligibility shall be restricted to technicians employed in New Zealand in the field of earth sciences who have been employed in that field for at least 2 years, who have shown marked ability in their field of employment and who have made a notable contribution to the work of their institution, field team, etc.The award shall be for one or more publications that have not already formed the basis of the award.Rules and guidelines for the Mc Kay Hammer can be accessed here, and the nomination template here .This award was incorporated into the GSNZ with the merger of the Geoscience Society of NZ with the NZ Geochemical and Mineralogical Society in 2012. As part of the merger, funds were contributed by NZGe MS to the GSNZ Awards Trust to form a separate account (the NZGe MS Geochemistry Fund) from which the prize money for the Werner F Giggenbach Prize and other geochemistry prizes could be drawn.

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Except for the Hochstetter Lecture, the year given is the year of the Annual Conference at which the awards were announced.

These are usually announced and presented at the Annual Conference in November or December.

To see a summary of the awards and to make a nomination see below.

Also following are links to the Rules & Bylaws page that describe the Terms and Conditions of each Award.

In July of each year, the Awards Subcommittee calls for nominations for various awards.

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