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The teacher maintains certain evaluative responsibilities and the student continues to be dependent on the mentor’s guidance and approval.

Of the 13 percent who engaged in consensual dating with members of faculty, 30 percent experienced “pressure to be sexual.” Comments given by respondents in both of these studies reflected a full range of opinion among both former students and faculty members.

Can we experience them comfortably and still maintain appropriate student-teacher boundaries? Is there a necessary limit to the personal, social, or even sexual interaction that may be experienced between student and teacher without compromising one’s professional responsibilities?

Does it make a difference if the professional aspects of the relationship take place in the classroom, a laboratory, a clinical setting, or if they are of an administrative nature?

Teacher-student relationships differ from those between therapist and patient because of the collegiality considered important for the student’s development.

Such relationships include those between teacher and student, especially those involving research or clinical supervision.

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