Ted iphone app not updating

I'm no pro coder, just trying to figure it all out for this series of emails I'm doing at my job. I'm adding a navigation to my version as well, now gotta work the breaking points on that as well.

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I'm currently stripping down one of the templates to see if I can locate a common trouble-maker and make this work without needing media queries. the 2-col pattern in the fluid template seems to be a trouble-maker.

(Apple said today it's sold more than 700 million i Phones since it was introduced in 2007, though not all of those devices can run i OS 8.2.) Apple was not immediately available for comment on whether the app would ever be removable.

on Monday at an event called "Spring Forward" in San Francisco.

What better way to convince Apple i Phone users they should shell out hundreds if not thousands of dollars for the latest gadget than an app you can't remove from your smartphone?

After updating your i Phone to latest version of Apple's i OS 8 mobile operating system -- technically i OS version 8.2, which was released Monday -- you'll notice the addition of a new app labeled Apple Watch.

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