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A music video for the song was filmed in various locations around Perry's hometown in Santa Barbara, California and was directed by Yoann Lemoine (a.k.a. The video showcases Perry being in love with her high school lover.

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For the Teenage Dream sessions, Perry and Mc Kee had a "forever young" idea in mind. We have the best nude beach videos and naturism photos, outdoor and voyeur photo galleries!Press Ctrl D to bookmark this site and come back for more nature nudity and sex on the beach galleries.And also it kind of exudes this euphoric feeling because everybody remembers what their teenage dreams were — all the girls that were on your poster walls." After she recorded the vocals, Mc Kee pulled Luke and Martin aside and told them her idea, to which they responded, "Well why didn't you say that in the first place? The chorus was rewritten, and the line "Skin tight jeans" was taken from the early "trying me on" version.When the final version was finished, Mc Kee said, "We were all so pumped that it had paid off.

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