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After a year or so, it is no big deal to dash off a text, even if all it says is "sup." But in the beginning, a little goes a long way, and no one wants to appear too overly enthusiastic.My favorite story about first-year texts is that Aziz Ansari's girlfriend compiled all of their texts into a book, and gave it to him for their first anniversary.You want your guy to know if you're interested, so forget the "rules" about playing hard to get.If you hardly text him or purposely take hours to text him back, you're likely sending him the wrong signal (read: I'm not into you).If those exciting, dizzying first months wind up being the beginning of a long-term relationship, you'll likely look back at those yards and yards of texts with a mixture of bemusement and affection — how painstaking it was to decide whether to write "hi" or "hey".How cautious you were about texting too often or too little!

Any other text messaging dos and don'ts you'd like to add?

Do you want to come and join us when we do blah, blah, blah." Say, "Hey, I'm doing this thing this weekend you should come." He explains that being assertive communicates a much deeper level of confidence.3. If you text your guy during a workday and he hasn't responded to you don't assume he's ignoring you (he's at work! Rather than sending a follow-up text, which can be annoying if his boss is hovering over his desk, give him time to get back to you.

He'll likely return the message once he's free later in the day/night.

In his book, Modern Romance, Ansari notes that “For certain messages, she wrote out what was going on through her mind, and it was amazing," as reported by the Washington Post.

Incredibly sweet, and also really fascinating, I'm sure.

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