Thank you for accommodating me

Thanks again for your help and the attitude you had with me.Thanks for your professional answers, which we really appreciated.It makes our work a lot easier and not to mention saves the scholars a lot of money…Thank you so much for your time in processing these new applications for ISO. I just want to say thank you for faxing the health insurance form to my school.Once again, you have greatly helped our international students have the best experience possible as they settle into their exchange program with us. It was accepted and I was approved to register for classes.I'll definitely buy your plan if UF stops providing me the assistantship. Your plan's coverage is much better and the price is cheaper. We were planning to pursue other insurance plans if our confusion could not get cleared.

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It is one of the best legs of our Australian trip, although the farm visit wasn’t originally featured in our travel plans. Our six year old son and four year old daughter took such delight in putting on their boots and winter coats and heading up to feed all the farm animals each day. Zarina and Family We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful time on your farm. We also loved Wendy’s soup, the pavlova and the freshly caught yabbies! We pray for the continued success of Bellevue Farmstay – God Bless.

The kids love coming back each year meeting the new animals, riding the quad bike and tractor with Warren. Your warmth and great hospitality have really made all of us feel at home. Heidi, Harry, Dad, Mum and Grandpa Dean and Family. Thank you for the hospitality and the unique experience. Most of all we appreciate your world-class hospitality from the home-cooked soup to the guided dairy visit, the BBQ to the pavlova! The Wong family We simply do not have any words to describe how fortunate we were to have chosen your farm as our holiday destination. You’ve made our short stay so comfortable and we’ve enjoyed our stay with you and can’t get enough of it. We enjoyed meeting and feeding the animals, our ride with you on the bike and Warren allowing us to drive the tractor! Thanks Wendy and Warren for your warm hospitality and sharing your beautiful house and farm with us. We really loved playing with and feeding those pets of yours (Nikki, Tess, Penny, Annie, Sam, Franny, Innie, Bess, Fred, Bugget, Boxhead, Billy and Moo).

The Smith-Amato Family (4 visit) Thank you for the awesome experience during our stay in your lovely farm! Teck Chee Lee, May Chin, May Poh, Xiao Jui Lim, Lynn Lim, Tzewen Lim, Grandma Hong. You have been fantastic in your service and the animals are so lovely. Love from Singapore Wong family Thank you so much for your hospitality!

As this is my final semester, I also want to say thank you for extending your services to me during my time at Broward College.

I wish for the continued success of ISOA and will recommend you highly to any other international student that is seeking affordable insurance coverage.

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