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It’s these add-ons which are now being targeted with many of the UK’s ISPs, government agencies, broadcasters and rights holders joining forces to disrupt the streams being pushed out across the internet.

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Kodi users are being urged to download the latest update after the team behind the popular service deemed it necessary to push out a new release.

The new v17.3 software has been launched just a few days after fans of the service were told to upgrade to v17.2.

Several microbenchmarks (using Caliper & Yourkit) highlight this release net improvements: Jongo 0.3 is 6 times faster than Jongo 0.2, which make it as fast as the driver!

Have a look at find microbenchmark and save microbenchmark, and at their implementations (find & save).

DB db = new Mongo()DB("dbname"); Jongo jongo = new Jongo(db, new Jackson Mapper.

Builder() .register Module(new Joda Module()) .enable(Mapper Feature. Public.class) .build() ); attribute will be ignored even if it exists in Mongo.

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Along with these fixes the new software includes a patch which stops malicious subtitle zip files that could potentially infect and harm users’ media players.

Jongo is deployed into OSS Sonatype (Maven repository hosting service for open source projects).

With AWS Cloud Formation, you can update the properties for resources in your existing stacks.

Version 18 uses voice for text typing with users simply able to dictate their search directly into the TV.

Users will also get suggested content like unwatched random movies, and episodes to continue binge watching them till the end.

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