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She always wanted to be in the record business, but did not know how to obtain a recording contract.

During this time, she was a host for Disney Channel 's series Movie Surfers.

She would actually remind me that we met in crossing at the office of one of my friends. It was just one of those things: I ended up free and she ended up free. I’ve had enough drama.” I don’t think it’s a particular time.

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Soon after their marriage, Christian Milian gave birth to a baby girl named Violet Madison Nash.

For a year and a half, Milian went into a studio every day and worked with Jerkins, which is where she started meeting people in the record business.

According to Milian, every time she recorded a song, the producer would refuse to give her the demo, or would write lyrics that she did not agree with.

Milian was four years old when she showed an interest in show business, [15] and when her family realized that she was a talented actress, she became determined to pursue an entertainment career.

They inspired her to have fun, and she convinced her parents that she "did not want to be inside the TV", although it took some time to convince them.

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