Time between separation and dating

You have to understand that women often say one thing, while wanting another.

There are many false stereotypes pertaining to women. We know that completely different things are needed to make a woman love you.

Max and his wife were happy for quite a while, but then everything had changed: Such was Max’s relationship with his wife for several months.

Max was becoming more and more irritated, and then, one day, his wife said the words that horrified him.

It’s a lot easier for women to find a sexual partner, because they are always surrounded by men who are willing to be there, to give a shoulder to cry on.

Many men lurk around waiting for a woman to be free.

You most likely had serious arguments, after which you forgave each other.They were sitting in the dining room, Max was very tense and didn’t expect anything good.Lately, everything was going wrong in their relationship, but Max didn’t think that it would end with divorce.It depends on you whether you will get your wife back, or if she will be gone forever.Every woman acts according to her instincts, so her behavior is very easy to predict.

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