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What To Do if You Think Your Partner Is Having an Emotional Affair Whether or not you give your partner “a long leash” is not the deciding factor in whether an affair will occur.

If the affair is occurring because of relationship problems (and not all affairs occur for that reason) it is almost always because channels of communication have either broken down or were never developed in the first place.

Or maybe it’s at night when the spouse is asleep that one sneaks out of bed to check their devices.

The spouse asks what is wrong and gets stonewalled. If the spouse asks about the friendship with this person, they can be brushed off or met with defensiveness. There is less and less chance that the primary couple will address what can now so easily be talked about with the new friend.

“After all, they’re just business associates having lunch. S., jealousy is frequently seen as a negative character trait.

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You have more excitement about contact with your friend than you do about contact with your primary partner.This is not to say that spouses shouldn’t have friends of the opposite sex.But understanding how boundaries can easily melt, pushing the friendship across the line can be an important part of taking care of one’s relationship.If this sounds like you, it probably has been relieving to learn that there is such a thing as an emotional affair.Identifiable patterns of behavior between “friends” that can end up as a full- blown sexual and/or love affairs have come to light.

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