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Much later, he gains the innate equivalent powers within his own body.Palmer has fought against several alien and supernatural threats, as well as having his own rogues gallery: his arch enemy is Chronos the Time Bandit, the menace of the Bug-Eyed Bandit, the dangerous eco-terrorist Floronic Man, and the miniature misguided Bat-Knights of Elvaran.The Atom has been played in various TV series by Alfie Wise and John Kassir.

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Hawkman would manufacture prosthetic wings for a myna Ray saved, taking on the name Major Mynah and became the Atom's partner and steed.

In the attempt, he fails to anticipate that the connection will involve satellite relay and the unexpectedly arduous trip causes him to remain at approximately three feet high and without his costume's size changing equipment.

With the help of a friend, Ray creates a new costume from the material of the white dwarf star.

When subsequent experiments still result in objects exploding, Palmer concludes some unknown force in his own body allows him to safely size-shift.

He decides to use this effect to become a superhero.

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