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Goes well in a medley with the Morrisque - MIDI Branle Double/Branle Simple/Branle Gay - Three short 16th century branles - MIDI Brian Boru's March, Irish - very old 6/8 march - MIDI Cantique de Noel - French 19th Century Christmas Song (O Holy Night)- MIDI Captain Mac Heath's Soliloqy - (Greensleeves Variant) - A cynical song, sung by Mac Health while in prison waiting to be hanged on Tyburn Tree.In A minor- MIDI Carol of the Bells - Christmas carol, supposedly from a Russian melody, two parts - treble and bass - MIDI Carol of the Bells - Same two parts but with bass line written in treble clef, to be played an octave lower.

from the Petrie Collection ca 1840 - MIDI Kitty Magee- Traditional Irish Jig, the ancient and perhaps the oldest known version - MIDI Knives and Forks - a cute little Playford English Country Dance tune in G - MIDI Korobushka - Russian folk tune in Am, open to variations - MIDI Lady Frances Scot's Reel, Scottish - by Daniel Dow (actually more a 6/8 march) - MIDI Lakes of Pontchartrain - American song of the New Orleans area, with Irish connections - MIDI Lamb Skinnet - Scottish - 6/8 dance jig in A major - MIDI Lament for Charles Mac Cabe, by Irish harper Turlogh O'Carolan MIDI - multitrack Lanagan's Ball - Irish jig, without the lyrics MIDI Landlady of France - English and American, multi-titled tune and song, with lyrics - MIDI Lark in the Morning - Irish Double jig in E minor - Dorian - MIDI Lass of Patie's Mill - Scottish / English 18th Century MIDI Lawyers' Lamentation on the Tearing Down of Charing Cross - History Article- Prince Rupert's March - MIDI Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent - French melody, Picardy - English Hymn - MIDI Lumps of Pudding - Finale from the Beggar's Opera - As an instrumental in A minor - MIDI Little Man and Little Maid - Scots and English, multi-titled tune and song - MIDI Liliburlero - English, 17th century Playford tune and parent of the song - "Nottingham Ale" - MIDI Loch Lavan Castle - Irish reel (and perhaps Scottish also) becoming Americanized MIDI Lord Balgonie's Favorite- 18th Century Scottish air, used by Robert Tanahill for the song "Gloomy Winter's Now Awa'", and used as a piano air in the movie, "The Piano" - MIDI Lord Lovat's Lament- 18th Century Scottish air, later also known as "Lament for the Highland Clearances", with a bass part for bass, cello, harp or piano accompaniment - MIDI Lord Rollo's March- 18th Century Scottish march, withharmonies and a bass part for cello or piano (treble clef bass line) - MIDI Lost Farm Waltz - Contemporary American - a very nice waltz by Rick Wagner ..............................Petrie, Scottish, 18th Century - MIDI Gaspe Reel - French Canadian reel MIDI Gaudeamus Igitur - German student drinking song, in Latin, with lyrics.Good for Oktoberfest MIDI Get Up Early - Irish, Bunting - from 1792 Harp Festival - MIDI - Two Part MIDI Get Up Early Duet - Irish, Bunting, Slow 6/8 Am, two staff duet - MIDI Give Me Your Hand - See Da Mihi Manum Gillis' Victory - American, contemporary fast reel - MIDI Glory of the West - English - Playford tune set in Gm and in Am - MIDI God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen, English Carol - 18th Century arrangement in Am, with lyrics, SATB - MIDI God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, English Carol arrangement in Am and Em, with transition MIDI Good King Wenceslaus - Traditional Christmas Carol, straight melody MIDI Good King Wenceslaus - Traditional, "modernized" two part arrangement, modal melody MIDI Gravel Walk - Irish reel - MIDI Green Grow the Rashes O - 18th Century Scottish Robert Burns song, related to the Mexican word "gringo" - MIDI Greensleeves - Duet - The traditional English (Henry VIII?Most MIDI files are simple arrangements as instructional aids to learning the tunes.A-Beggin' I Will Go - Traditional English humorous song - Em setting - MIDI Abbots Bromley Horn Dance - English, Medieval heritage - MIDI Ach du lieber Augustin - German song, good for Oktoberfest - MIDI The Agincourt Carol, from Henry V's victory in 1415 and the cover of Kitchen Musician Book #13 - MIDI Air by Fingal, Ancient Scottish harp air by Rory Dahl bass harmony (treble harmony version) - MIDI (Sir) Alexander Don's Strathspey - Scottish - Ancestor of "Auld lang syne"?

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