Transas tx 97 charts updating

Basic Configuration Route planning Route Import / Export Charts handling Additional layers Advanced Planning Passage plan creation Printing reports Additional services Weather (two different sources) Admiralty Digital Publications Auto Routing Notice to Mariners MARPOL Routeing Charts Navi-Planner Route creation...passage plan creation in 7 steps Weather routing Chart admin Fine tune & adjust Check route & Schedule Add information & Data collection Print reports Run the Check Route and let the You Now are that in you control have of all all the charts, Go Use program thru various the point completed overlays out any available passage danger to Start plan updates Let and by Navi-Planner updates creating and a weather required a route optimize optimized for the along add and and your print present route, report, correct additional sign them it route and route, intended based adjust voyage on the predicted route within for weather a few any information you one are by one ready on and for the create departure charts a navigational clicks in the hazards programetc. Use You checklists can Let Navi-Planner the provides Use and offcourse other have Planner weather Auto helps route you collect TADS to services (add Auto as features your own all adjust information well service) routing as which your within Navican will AVCS will customized for route your facilitate help do licences the this you for Planner to out you & work Passage according updates onboard plan passage within thru seconds plan a to i a template few a gain your direct seconds connection maximum preferencesto shore performance servers...steps and the passage plan has been created and the journey can begin Chart Management in the office New chart orders Control chart budget See Approve license cancel expiration new dates View history of chart Charts status orders, for weekly TADS (Up-to-dated and or / Not AVCS up-to-dated) monthly made cost by for the PAYS tracks charts crew and PAYS reports Control chart status Introduction CHANGES IN IHO AND IEC STANDARDS ECDIS users provided feedback on various issues, such as: Anomalies in ENC chart display Differences in display of alarms and warnings Increased degree of alarm fatigue due to continuous alarm sounds No standards for display of symbols and abbreviations among different manufacturers New editions of IHO and IEC standards will increase safety and usability of ECDIS IHO and IEC revised standards to reflect the feedback given by current users of ECDIS Standards have been published August 2015 and old standards will be withdrawn August 2017 There will be no grandfather clause allowing old systems to remain in place like in the past 8 Introduction CHANGES IN IHO AND IEC STANDARDS The new standards will replace the old editions completely in August 2017 Following IHO standards have been updated and implemented: Following IEC standards have been changed: S-52 «Specifications for Chart Content & Display Aspects of ECDIS» (Ed. 2.0) 9 Introduction CHANGES IN IHO AND IEC STANDARDS Installation dates of current systems decide on mandatory upgrades Changes have been comprehensive and not all of them will be visible to the user directly, especially where IEC standards are concerned Transas combined the changes necessary with implementation of new and improved functions to add user value Those changes and new functions have effects on: Alert management Route planning Display of charts Safety parameters Chart management Source of information for chart data The new version of Navi-Sailor (Marine Navigation Software 34 MNS 34) is fully compliant with the standards and available from February 2016 onwards Rule of thumb: systems with installation dates after 1st January 2009 will need software updates only, while older installations might need hardware exchange as well 10 FUNCTIONS Changes in Detail «Pick Report» - Information Cursor now with standardized information and shape Improved explanations with pictures for visualization of objects Listing is sorted by drawing priority Units of measurement for all values listed When unknown objects are interrogated their values will be shown Information easier to read for mariners Information given similar on all ECDIS systems 12 FUNCTIONS Changes in Detail Default Control Settings A standardized and minimized chart display with one click Standardized chart display mode acc.6.1) IEC «ECDIS Operational and performance requirements, methods of testing and required test results» (Ed. to IEC Affects settings for chart display of: Chart information AIS information Radar information Systems of all ECDIS manufacturers display the same information in this mode Provide «familiar» display with one click 13 ALERT MANAGEMENT Changes in Detail New categories for alerts less alarm sounds lead to reduced risk of alarm fatigue Categorization of alerts based on principles defined in performance standards for Bridge Alert Management (MSC.302/A) Isolated Dangers and floating aids to navigation objects combined to «Navigational Hazards», which create an indication but no audible alarms anymore Warnings will be re-categorized as alarms if not acknowledged or reappear as warnings after given time, e.g.Subscribers may receive their packages via UPS or Fed Ex and must provide a valid account number to cover shipping costs. TX-97 weekly update files can be installed with an active license for Professional Maintenance Service and are cumulative back to the latest base DVD/CDs.

Also the vessel will receive monthly a Corrections disc with the latest updates and corrections for their chart library. The Chart Catalogue is designed for the preparation of orders for the purchase of TX–97 format charts from Transas Marine.The catalogue window consists of three parts:- Information panel containing the chart catalogues;- Chart panel with the outlines of selected charts overlaid on the map of the world;- Utility's main menu.Standard format eases interchange of information and prepares implementation of e-navigation ECDIS SHIP RADAR SHORE 21 CHART MANAGEMENT Changes in Detail S-63 standard defines ENC status report formats for all charts and those in planned routes ENC Update Status Report provides information on all installed charts Route Filtered ENC Status Report informs about charts for a planned route Report table provides information on: Cell Name (e.g. 2) No more manual changes necessary when stage of navigation changes, e.g. contingencies) becomes a full part of the route planning Included to Advanced Planning functionality Planning Anchorage Monitoring Approach 30 Guideline to the new IHO & IEC ECDIS Standards Next generation ECDIS from Transas Background During the last years ECDIS has been more commonly used on SOLAS vessels and with the ECDIS Carriage requirement More information ECDIS COMPLETE A guide to the complete ECDIS solution from Transas ECDIS COMPLETE ECDIS COMPLETE is the solution to meet all your ECDIS needs.Transas can supply all products and services necessary for More information ECDIS November 2012 Industry Recommendations for ECDIS Familiarisation Background Being aware that the implementation of Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) has given rise to confusion More information THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE INTENDED FOR MARINERS CARRYING OUT THE IHO ENC/ECDIS DATA PRESENTATION AND PERFORMANCE CHECKS The checks and the accompanying dataset are not intended for, and are not suitable to More information Feature Guide: TECDIS 4.7.x.24 Creators of TECDIS With the release of TECDIS 4.7.x.24 we are providing you with several new features and bug fixes. More information IMO RESOLUTION A.817 (19) PERFORMANCE STANDARDS FOR ELECTRONIC CHART DISPLAY AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS (ECDIS) Note: The IMO Performance Standards for ECDIS are reproduced in this publication for convenience, More information ECDIS Display, Safety Settings and Alarm Management Captain Zakirul Bhuiyan, MSc, PGCE, AFRIN, AFNI Senior Lecturer, Ship Simulation Warsash Maritime Academy Southampton Solent University Newtown Road, More information November 2011 Admiralty e-navigator Service Fleet Manager User Guide 1 Fleet Manager User Guide Table of Contents Introduction...

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