Trista and ryan dating before the bachelorette

Even on Dancing with the Stars, she practiced twice a week, which pales in comparison to what the show requires today.

In fact, Sutter couldn’t be happier out of the spotlight as she and Ryan have settled down in Vail, Colorado with their son and daughter.

She was previously rejected by Alex Michel on the 1st season of The Bachelor.

She ultimately chose Ryan Sutter and accepted his proposal. Trista, her friends, and step-sister go out for the night to celebrate. A stripper/dancer dances on Ryan and Ryan gets upset so he goes and runs off. He finally shows up and him and Trista start kissing and hugging.

Still single at the time, Sutter had everything she ever imagined with her career but was desperate to find love when she heard about an open casting call for a new reality series called The Bachelor on ABC.

The premise of the show was that one eligible bachelor would have the choice of 25 beautiful women to fall in love with through various adventures and stunning romantic getaways before asking one to be his wife.

“I’ve never been perfect and I never will be, but from here on out, I vow to try my best to live this life to the fullest.” Falling into stardom when she signed on to find love on the first season of The Bachelor, Trista Rehn Sutter might not have been bachelor Alex Michel’s first choice but ABC had other plans in mind when they gave the beautiful Sutter her own spinoff, The Bachelorette.

And with Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season finale (airing on ABC Monday, March 5, at 8 p.m.

ET) promising to be drama-filled and controversial, Bachelor Nation might need a reminder that sometimes, contestants are there for the "right reasons." Keep scrolling to see which season 17, which aired in 2013. 26, 2014, the two tied the knot, and almost two years later, they welcomed their first child together, a son named Samuel.

Now, the couple is waiting on their second baby together. Sutter got down on one knee for Rehn at the end of the season, who finally walked down the aisle on Dec. Almost two decades later, the couple is still married and have two children together named Max and Blakesley. Bachelor Nation looked on as the couple married in December 2012 in a televised ceremony, and they are still married with two children.

With over 26 million viewers tuning in to watch, Sutter made appearances on reality series like Fear Factor, Dancing with the Stars and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, but the 44-year-old says nothing compares to her life with Ryan and their two children at home in Vail, Colorado.

Born to Stan and Roseanne Rehn, Trista Nicole Rehn came into this world on October 28, 1972 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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