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Technical topics covered were emerging technologies for computing, industrial internet-of-things (Io T), reliability from physics to CAD, virtual prototyping and low-power design, as well as industrial topics on building ARM powered Io T, computer vision for automated driving in MATLAB, and how to implement domain-specific modeling languages.Also on Monday, DATE hosted the first and very successful edition of a new forum, “Advancing Diversity in Electronic Design Automation (Div EDA)”, which aims to increase the number and visibility of women and underrepresented minorities in the research community. Amnon Shashua, CEO & CTO of Mobileye, an Intel company, and Senior Vice President of Intel Corporation, whose talk was about “The Responsibility Sensitive Safety (RSS) Formal Model toward Safety Guarantees for Autonomous Vehicles” and Dr.Christopher Voigt, Professor of Biological Engineering at MIT, who talked about “Programming Living Cells: Design Automation to Map Circuits to DNA”.On the same day, the Executive Track offered a series of business panels with executive speakers from companies leading the design and automation industry, discussing hot topics.

In some states, coverage is much lower: only 87.1% of Colorado 5-year-olds have received both required doses of measles-containing vaccine, and in Oregon, 6.3% of kindergartners have an exemption to at least one required vaccination.

Prototypes are valuable demonstrators to express and compare the competitiveness of new EDA methodologies and hardware solutions.

DATE 2019 features the University Booth in the exhibition hall of the conference venue.

Seven measles deaths have occurred in Europe so far this year as the disease continues to circulate in under-vaccinated populations.

By country, the highest number of measles cases in the European Union since January 1, 2018, occurred in Greece (1,008), Romania (757), France (429), and Italy (164).

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