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The aircraft can also send unsolicited ADS-C emergency reports to any ATSU that has an ADS contract with the aircraft.An ATSU system may request multiple simultaneous ADS contracts with a single aircraft, including one periodic and one event contract, which may be supplemented by any number of demand contracts.

An ATSU can establish only one event contract with an aircraft at any one time. We stock manuals from most manufacturers, Tektronix, Phillips, Marconi, Racal, HP etc...Automatic dependent surveillance — contract (ADS-C): means by which the terms of an ADS-C agreement will be exchanged between the ground system and the aircraft, via a data link, specifying under what conditions ADS-C reports would be initiated, and what data would be contained in the reports. It is also advisable that if you intend on driving interstate to check with the relevant state’s licensing authority for any further restrictions that may apply to you in their state. So when driving interstate, you must comply with the driver's licence laws and conditions that apply in the State that issued your driver's licence.

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