Updating fedora with yum

See this Microsoft support article for details, including a fix you can download.[34] Firefox may fail to start if the Iolo System Mechanic application is installed.[30] As a workaround, open the Firefox installation directory (usually C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox) and look for two "js3250.dll" files (the second one will be named "js3250moz-backup").Rename "js3250.dll" to "Xjs3250.dll" and then rename the backup file to "js3250.dll".

The instruction at “0x5a9288f8” referenced memory at “0x5a9288f8”. See if updating System Mechanic fixes the problem or, if don't need the program, consider uninstalling it.

For detailed Firefox instructions, see Standard diagnostic - Firefox#Clean reinstall.

This error is caused by inconsistent file versions ("application.ini" and/or "platform.ini" and possibly others).

You will not be able to start the browser until you first end all browser processes or restart the computer.

(If this is a recurring problem, read this for other possible solutions.) [1] [2] Try starting Firefox or Sea Monkey in Safe Mode (see the linked article for details).

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