Updating ffdshow

See this topic for some solutions for that problem. In ffdshow video decoder configuration, on the Output page, uncheck YV12.

If the colors look dull or washed out, then continue reading the other topics on this page for solutions for that specific problem.

You can find this option via: MPC Options -This is caused by wrong luminance levels. If luminance levels are wrong, then black is displayed as dark gray and white is displayed as very light gray. Digital video is typically encoded in a YUV format. There are several methods for correcting luminance levels.Off the top of my head on windows 7 and older intel IGP implementations, the DXVA codec built into windows worked best, otherwise I used ffdshow.In this specific case, there should be no difference.If that doesn't help, then try a different version of the driver, either older or newer.A workaround that often works: In WMP menu go to Tools -Adjust the brightness.

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