Updating firmware for a81e

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The Nitrokey Update Tool is currently available for mac OS and Windows only. Generally right click on the icon of the Nitrokey App and go to "Configure" - "Enable Firmware Update". Please note: The Nitrokey is not detected by App anymore once update mode got activated.' lng-section-all="All" lng-section-product="Product" lng-section-vive-port="VIVEPORT" lng-section-blog="Blog" lng-section-support="Support" lng-result-for=" Result for :" lng-result-for_plural=" Results for :" lng-view-more="View more item" lng-view-more_plural="View more items" lng-search="Search" lng-external-url-notice-message="Please be aware that you are leaving com and will be redirected to a third party web site.HTC Vive has no control over information at any third party site accessed from com.The Nitrokey App can be found here, the dfu-programmer should be available through your package-manager, e.g.AXIS Device Manager is a powerful and efficient installation and management tool for Axis network video products.

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