Updating from sp2 to sp3

Please look at Jetze Mellema’s blog for some detailed info & at Dave Stork’s blog post for consolidated information on this service pack.

Changing the Active Directory schema is a big deal in some environments and you might not be able to do this just as part of the Exchange upgrade.

I also made sure anti virus, backup and other agents dis not have any issues with Exchange 2010 SP2.

Nothing is more annoying then telling a customer his Exchange Organization has been upgraded to the lasted and greatest version only to follow up on that statement with the fact the backups don’t run anymore.

Perhaps you need to hand this of to a different team and they’ll do that for you using the command “setup /prepareschema” as shown below.

You’ll have to wait for them to give you the go ahead when everything is replicated and all is still working fine.

Usage is straight forware just open EMS, navigate to the scripts folder and run these scripts for each DAG member like below.

The download you have chosen is available from Microsoft Update.

To get recommended updates for your computer, please run Microsoft Update, which will determine and suggest updates and downloads appropriate for you computer's configuration.

If you had done the upgrade from the CLI you would have to run SETUP /m:upgrade /Install Windows Components and you would not have seen this error as it would have been taken care of installing the missing components. You can take care of that by installing this via “Add Role Services” in Server Manager for the Web Server (IIS) role.

Or you can use our beloved Power Shell with the following commands: Now we have the IIS 6 WMI compatibility issue out of the way we can rerun the readiness checks and we’ll get all green check marks.

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