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My wifi sucks and it would take hours to reinstall!How can i get steam to recognize the game is installed so it will update!???id=663 For Mac/Linux: Compendium Mac Usage: load the "Anthology" plugin either using the Plugin Manager or by using the "/plugins load anthology" chat command.When first loaded, Anthology will ask if you want to automatically import and read the tutorial story. For prior Beta users, after updating the files, you can update your version of the tutorial by deleting the prior tutorial story in the Story Select dialog (in Author or Reader, choose a story to load and in the Story Select dialog, click the Tutorial and then click 'Delete').The hotfix puts level restrictions on a slew of reputation items so that players cannot use them at a lower level and gain access to gated vendor items before the devs intended.Update: Peters penned a follow-up post to clarify certain items in the producer's letter.However, some data may be viewed while offline such as stats and equipment names. When attempting to load a character, if the data is older than 24 hours, it will be updated automatically (can be verified at the bottom of the stats information).This app retrieves data from my.lotro.com, and only works for characters in North America. If you think your character it is not updating, please email me. It could very well be that Turbine has not updated your character at my.

" In other news, an exploit that allowed players to create an overpowered character in the game has been addressed and fixed in a patch that went out earlier today.Almost every game I own crashes at launch anybody got a solid lead on how to fix this I would appreciate any help thanks.Now you can view your Lord of the Rings Online (tm) game characters from your i Phone or i Pod touch. An internet connection is required to retrieve character data and view equipment web pages from the lorebook.Note to European players: Codemasters does not support the my.framework.There is no way for me to access character data on European servers.

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