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This free update is available now, adding a number of new features and a completely new look (see this article for details on what’s new).

i OS 7 is the most significant change to the i Pad’s operating system ever, and it can be confusing if you don’t know what to expect.

So while you can keep flying with one of these, it’s probably time to consider an upgrade.

Also note that just because your device is compatible with i OS 7 doesn’t mean every feature will be available.

For example, the Air Drop feature will not work on i Phone 4/4S or i Pad 2/3. Some people are nervous about software upgrades, advocating you wait until some of the inevitable bugs have been worked out.

We strongly recommend waiting to fly with i OS 7 until you have a good half day to devote to familiarizing yourself with the significant changes–like the overhauled user interface and aesthetics, app switching, radio management, and kill app functions–and make sure all your apps operate as you expect.By Scott Addie In this article, we walk you through updating an existing ASP. NET Core 2.0 enables you to take advantage of many new features and performance improvements. NET Core 1.x applications are based off of version-specific project templates. NET Core framework evolves, so do the project templates and the starter code contained within them. NET Core framework, you need to update the code for your application. There is no need to rush to i OS 7, as i OS 6 is incredibly stable.If your i Pad is a critical part of your flight deck, waiting for Apple to push a couple of minor bugfix updates is prudent.

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