Updating ms access database

At this point, you can go to the Share Point site and see the data that was uploaded.

This simple operation is useful for moving data into Share Point and making it accessible to users.

It is saved in the SQL Server content database, contains certain field attributes, and supports lookups.

Many do not even know that Access is being used to solve mission-critical business problems until certain issues come up, such as storage limits, multiuser access, security, repairing corrupt databases, Web usage, incompatible Access versions, and deployment of changes across multiple desktops.

Note that if the table was a child in a relationship, all the parent tables would also be exported.

When the export process is finished, you are given the option of saving the export steps so you do not have to repeat them.

Share Point has an answer for each of these issues.

While Access has its limits, it is powerful and friendly, especially for those who don't write code for a living.

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