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I have my auto download on for windows updates and it downloaded several SP2 updates on my pc.

Should I uninstall it/them, or will it not hurt my system.

XP SP2 will detect that you already have and post SP1 updates on your PC.

By having them already installed actually means a shorter download time as Automatic Update will not have to download these files again...

If you are currently using a software firewall and are happy with it, then you can disable the SP2 firewall and "nagging" balloons.

Many of the free and commercial firewalls available require user input of some kind, especially responding to pop up windows that ask for some sort of response that can confuse many home users.

At a 260Mb download most home users would not want it!

Do I need to uninstall the "public beta" of XP SP2 before I install the official XP SP2 release (sometimes referred to as XP SP2 RTM). If you have previously installed an earlier version of SP2 then you will need to remove it prior to installing this final release.

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The setup routine will automatically detect if you have a firewall and anti-virus program installed by a major vendor.

As part of this website I maintain a FREE monthly Windows XP newsletter.

In the August 2004 issue I asked readers for their questions on the new Windows XP Service Pack 2. Please note that this Windows XP service pack 2 FAQ is aimed at the home user only...

Corporate users should seek advice from the Microsoft website.

Please also note that the responses given are mine, as an IT Professional, and not that of Microsoft. # Why is SP2 NOT for Windows XP HOME users as you said in your last newsletter..? In my last newsletter I gave a link to the "Network" installation of the Windows XP SP2 and wrote that this was not for home users....

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