Updating transas navisailor 3000 charts

An inert gas plant as well as a nitrogen generator supplements the safety features.Digital readout of the level in tank and the associated tonnage as well as the stress level of the ship is available for the trainee.The simulator consists of one instructor and six workstations and will be able to train 24 trainees at a time.

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The communication on board ocean going vessels is normally done by two means: satellite communication and through terrestrial means; the later using MF, HF and VHF frequencies and the former using super high frequency.

There are seven video channel output providing unhindered vision of 210 degrees and the software is capable of turning the vision through 360 degrees at the operator’s discretion.

Binocular facility to home in on target with bearing and elevation is also provided.

The available simulator in the Academy enables trainee to exercise their skills in operation of radio equipment.

The simulator is capable of simulating different gadgets of communication of exercises are designed to meet the requirement of International Telecommunication Union.

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