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My laptop had a lot of dust trapped between the fan and heatsink. If you break the connector, you’ll have to replace the whole motherboard. DO NOT SEPARATE THIS TAB FROM THE CONNECTOR, IT HAS TO STAY ATTACHED TO THE CONNECTOR. Now you can release the cable and remove the keyboard.The output amperage has to be the same as on the original adapter or higher, but not lower.When you plug the AC adapter the power LED and the battery charge LED light up.Download Word Version of this post Download PDF Version of this post In the past, developers had to provide a browser-specific plug-in for each major web browser.Nowadays, most browsers have phased out native plug-in support.Google, for example, stopped supporting Chrome their NPAPI browser extension in September 2015.

Most likely there is nothing wrong with the adapter but just in case test it with a voltmeter to make sure the output voltage is correct. Unplug the AC adapter, remove the battery and wait for 1-2 minutes. Try reseating the memory module, just remove it from the slot on the motherboard and install it back.

It is possible the laptop appears to be dead because the AC adapter is bad (and the battery is discharged).

If you know that the AC adapter is working properly and it outputs correct voltage but the laptop is still dead, most likely you have a power issue on the motherboard (or power board on some laptops) and it has to be replaced.

Go to my previous post witch covers laptop video problems in more details. Most likely you hear this noise because of a faulty hard drive. Situation 6 It could indicate a problem with the laptop LCD screen, video cable, graphics card or motherboard.

You can remove the hard drive and start the laptop without it. Here’s my previous post witch covers troubleshooting bad images on the screen in more details.

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