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Smaller shares of Americans use sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Linked In.Follow these links for more in-depth analysis of the impact of social media on American life.he is a nice guy *lamer night* thinks its always lamer night around here ;) *lamer spelling* I'm r0xin j00r azz wit *laughs* walks upto N~ and stomps on their foot *life*sux* N~ Don't worry about life; you're not going to survive it, anyway. | privmsg C~ : ACTION gives R~ a big hug and kiss *make me laugh* breaks N~'s arm, then makes him laugh about it *me*your info2.db* knows N~ will never see my info2.. *nuke someone* sends a large ICMP PING packet R~'s way *pervert* looks at N~, WHERE? It's nothing to worry about, and doesn't harm anything. DZ algol ALGOrhythmic computer Language ali Automatic Location Indentification alienradiation attach ice blocks to your extremeties to prevent influence from alien radiation.*monitor* *test* to test and settup your monitor visit *wan* chat* Hello N~, you are in's official help channels, try a channel from the master channel list by typing /list, or try typing /msg h top *newsgroup* *search* N~ try bot* :) *night bot* -privmsg C~ : Oh No! | privmsg C~ : ACTION will miss you *nobody talks*here* talks, darn it N~! *phear me* Oh shut up N~ and go back to AOL and punt someone. *second rule of irc* N~ : see first rule of irc *see* star wars* N~, Star Wars? Why go watch some gay droids, when you can hang around here with a *real* AI? Also wrap limbs in cheeseburger essences aliens Automatic Line Insulation Testing [telephony] allo Hey there mate!

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*can someone help me* N~, I may be able to, if you ask your question. *feeds* *bot* isn't gonna eat that crap, he wants candy! a/b two wire phone connection (T&R) a/d Analog to Digital converter (see ADC) a/p Accounts Payable a/r Accounts Receivable aa Affirmative Action committee aaa American Automobile Association aaaaaa Association for the Abolition of Abused Abbreviations and Assinine Acronyms aaal American Academy of Arts and Letters aaas American Association for the Advancement of Science aaii American Association of Individual Investors aamsi American Association for Medical Systems Informatics aap Affirmative Action Program aarc Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules aarp American Association of Retired Persons aasp ASCII Asynchronous Support Package aat Average Access Time aax Automated Attendant e Xchange ab ABle seaman aba American Bar Association abacerro Spanish mf. [GEC] adm ADMiral adma Advanced DMA Controller SAB82258 admd Administrative Management Domain [X.400] admin The Admin command will show you a listing of the administrators for the server you specify.{"user Extra Data": , "initial Page Context": , "initial Page Info": , "locale": "en-US", "ga Account Numbers": ["UA-12967896-13"], "trace Logger Data": , "is Logged In": false, "_dv": , "_cf": ["tree", "resource Data Cache", "data", "children"], "resource Data Cache": [, {"data": {"page_size": 20, "is_open": false, "is_yahoo_jp_open": false, "related_pins_feed": [, , , , , , , , "resource": , "response": {"data": {"page_size": 20, "is_open": false, "is_yahoo_jp_open": false, "related_pins_feed": [, , , , , , , {"domain": "", "tracking_params": "Cw ABAAAADDIx ODMx NDQ2NDE3OQA", "image_signature": "d5fec017b6fb770234173578b8efb775", "like_count": 0, "images": , "id": "268667933994728493", "description_html": "Table set up. ", "title": "", "comment_count": 0, "board": , "type": "pin", "attribution": null, "description": "Table set up. MORE FACT SHEETS: INTERNET/BROADBAND | MOBILE TECHNOLOGY Today around seven-in-ten Americans use social media to connect with one another, engage with news content, share information and entertain themselves.More info about DCC can be found @ *ggp* N~ : ggp means Got to Go Pee or Poop or Puke or it can mean Go Get Pepsi *what*is* lol* heard lol means laughing out loud *what*is*bbl* B e B ack L ater *what*is*lol* Laughing Out Loud *what*the meaning of life* 42..what's the real question? action eats bot* grabs N~ by the head, then yells UPPERCUT! AQ antidisestablishmentarianism The longest word in the English Language. ashtarrose A Rose By Any Other Name Would Still Smell As 5\/\/33 asic Application Specific Integrated Circuit asis American Society for Information Science asit Advanced Security and Identification Technology asl a/s/l means: Age/Sex/ chat rooms to learn about another person..people wouldn't use it in here, this is the Network HELP channel :) asm Analog Subscriber Module asm-2 Auxilary Storage Manager 2 asm2 Auxilary Storage Manager 2 asme American Society of Mechanical Engineers asn Abstract Syntax Notation One (ISO/CCITT ASN.1) asoc Administrative Service Oversight Center asp Aggregated Switch Procurement aspen Automatic System for Performance Evaluation of the Network aspi Advanced SCSI Programming Interface [Adaptec] asps Advanced Signal Processing System asr Automatic Send-Receive asrb Astronomy Space & Radio Board [SERC] ass a ssociation of s tupid s omething assr Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic assume To assume makes an ass out of you and me ast Atlantic Standard Time (-4 GMT)... (initials of founders: Albert Wong, Safi Qureshey, Thomas Yuen) astro Astro is Houston* Operator asv American Standard Version async Asynchronous at Access Tandem at&t AT&T r0c Ks the world.=) *what does* wtf*mean* What The F*ck -or- Who The F*ck *what is* wtf N~, What The F*ck -or- Who The F*ck *what is* wtf* N~, What The F*ck -or- Who The F*ck *what is darkbot* thinks that N~ should know by now that W~ is the place to get darkbot! You try saying it 3 times fast antigua antigua and barbuda are . anyone here not a bot is definately not a bot =) anyone there* Nope N~, why? app Applications Portability Profile appc Advanced Peer-to-Peer Communications appi Advanced Peer-to-Peer Internetworking apple The Apple logo, "the symbol of lust and knowledge, bitten into, all crossed with the colors of the rainbow in the wrong order. URLs: ata AT Bus Attachment atacc Advanced Tactical Air Command Central atb Advanced Technology Bomber (stealth bomber) atc Air Traffic Control atd Asynchronous TDM atdp Attention Dial Pulse atdt Attention Dial Tone ate Automated Test Equipment atf Advanced Technology Fighter atg Advanced Technology Group ath Abbreviated Trouble History ati Automatic Test Inhibit atis Atherton Tools Interface Specification atlas Pioneering computer designed at Manchester Univ'y in the 1960s atm Adobe Type Manager, and Asynchronous Transfer Mode atms Automated Trunk Measurement System atn Augmented Transition Network ato Abort To Orbit [NASA, Shuttle] atoms AT&t Optimized Materials Simulator atp Adenosine Tri Phosphate atpco Airline Tariff Publishing COmpany atr Alternate Trunk Routing atrs Automated Trouble Reporting System ats Administrative Terminal System att American Telephone & Telegraph (normally written AT&T when seperate) attacksheep See also Ma DShee P attc Automatic Transmission Test and Control circuit attcom AT&T COMmunications attis American Telephone and Telegraph Information Systems [Division of AT&T? As in an attoparsec per nanofortnight is about an inch per second.

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