Vb net call validating event

I came across something I'd never seen before on this C# event handler article published by Microsoft.

Can you comment on this or expand your article to address this?

In case you also implement a Collection in the Class you can pass the controls to the Collection once say on Form Load, then on your Button Click you just need to call one Function from the class it will do appropriate validations...The issue is that the validating event fires when either one of the comboxes loses focus, which is fine, except for when I click the cancel button or the cross on the control box.When I click the cancel button or the cross in the top right of the form to close the form off, I do not want to call the validation events really - which I do not think is posisble.I designed a Data Grid View under the name "dgv Tarifa" and took a chance on trying Row Validating (tried Validated, Cell Enter, Cell Leave, Row Enter, Row Leave all count same) event.The purpose of the code is to load the selected values of the respective columns into three textboxes in order to rephrase/revalue those and update them by pressing a button.

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