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Motion picture film editing is a predecessor to video editing and, in several ways, video editing simulates motion picture film editing, in theory and the use of linear video editing and video editing software on non-linear editing systems (NLE).Using video, a director can communicate non-fictional and fictional events.Everyone has a powerful video camera in their pocket: a smartphone.And with a little practice and access to a few key tips, even you - yes, you - can start recording great footage, vlogging, or even record an indie film or documentary using just your smartphone.This "developed" the magnetic tracks, making them visible when viewed through a microscope so that they could be aligned in a splicer designed for this task.Improvements in quality and economy, and the invention of the flying erase-head, allowed new video and audio material to be recorded over the material already recorded on an existing magnetic tape and was introduced into the linear editing technique.A popular 1970-80s system for doing that was the U-matic equipment (named for the U-shaped tape path).That system used two tape players and one tape recorder, and edits were done by automatically having the machines back up, then speed up together in synchrony, so the edit didn't roll or glitch.

High-definition video is becoming more popular and can be readily edited using the same video editing software along with related motion graphics programs.

Automatic video editing products have also emerged, opening up video editing to a broader audience of amateurs and reducing the time it takes to edit videos.

Thanks to smartphones, recording video has never been so easy or effortless.

Later, 1980-90's came the smaller beta equipment (named for the B-shaped tape path), and more complex controllers, some of which did the synchronizing electronically.

There was a transitional analog period using multiple source videocassette recorder (VCR)s with the Edit Droid using Laser Disc players, but modern NLE systems edit video digitally captured onto a hard drive from an analog video or digital video source.

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