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Found wandering with no memory and no ID, the town doctor (and a single dad) offers up his guest house until her memory returns.But as she blends seamlessly into their family life, she must decide if the life she's been living is the life she wants.The actress, Julia Gonzalo, reminded me of another actress, and it was driving me crazy until I figured it out: A little known in America English actress Charity Wakefield. I liked the widowed doctor as portrayed by Benjamin Ayers as well. Pleasant scenery, gentle romance, nothing much to mock.

In 2015, she starred in a thriller called Dark Places, based on a best-seller by Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn. Theron and Javier Bardem played relief aid activists who fell hard for each other against the backdrop of unrest in Liberia. Based on a cartoon, it chronicled the futuristic adventures of a spandex-clad action figure engaged in covert political shenanigans. In a related story, Guy Ritchie, king of the cool crime film (Snatch, Rockn Rolla), was getting out of that business and into bloated tentpoles (Sherlock Holmes, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword).

Megan Quinn, an aspiring architect, finds herself faced with multiple tasks.

She gets sent to her hometown to try to convince Mrs.

Brian agrees to return to Wall Street to boost their ... Carly Monroe (Jen Lilley) falls for Dan Landis (Jason Cermak), the owner of a dog shelter she frequently visits.

Unfortunately, Dan is about to marry his glamorous girlfriend and move to New York City.

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