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“It is much harder to correct than monitoring chat.” He promises more details on that, and other offensives in the war on toxicity, later.

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Depending on how awful they are, players could be banned for two days, one week, fifteen days, or full-on forever.We were kind of joking about how Friend #3's cousin could be a troll and how he was that trash Yasuo we played with last year and basically, we were kinda shit talking him with my friend #3 chiming in here and there.Then, because friend #3 was new to the mic in the lobby thing, he realized that his mic had been on the whole time and his cousin had heard him shit talking him for a full 5 mins lmao I'll explain the reasoning behind Riot's decision, I don't condone or condemn, but here is the rationale: Behavioral analysis reveals that when people are presentend with a choice with a default option A and an option B that they have to make actions to get, they will overwhelmingly opt for the default option (A).Press "Next" and then click "Finish."Open the Control Panel again and select "Sounds."Click the "Recording" tab and make sure that your microphone contains a green check mark just below the picture.If it does not, right-click the microphone and select "Enable."Click "Apply" and then "OK" to exit the Sound dialogue box.

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