Vol 39 older men dating younger women

Using this five-year definition of age differences between 15-17-year-olds and their partners, we examine three related questions: What is the frequency with which children of 15-17-year-olds are fathered by older men?

Second, what are the characteristics of these minors and of their relationships?

The minimum age difference required for a felony offense ranges from three to seven years, with Florida not specifying an age restriction for men who engage in sexual intercourse with women younger than 16.

The median age difference appears to be five years.

While a 25-year-old man fathering a child with a 15-year-old would probably meet with social disapproval, the same might not be true for a couple consisting of a 21-year-old and an 18-year-old, particularly if they were married.Analyses of the 1988 National Maternal and Infant Health Survey indicate, however, that these policies would not apply to most teenage births.Among mothers aged 15-17 who had a child in 1988, 27% had a partner at least five years older than themselves.(The analysis by Landry and Forrest used the same data set.) The NMIHS is a nationally representative follow-back survey of women aged 15-49 who had had a live birth, fetal death or infant death in 1988.Information was collected from both the infant's birth certificate and a questionnaire either mailed or administered over the telephone 6-30 months after the birth.

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