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Our criteria for inclusion in the programme will be to highlight those panels and papers that display innovation, theoretical rigour, and exciting directions in research into the history of sexuality.

Déjà au tournant du 19ième siècle, la capitale belge était un lieu de refuge populaire pour les homosexuels qui pouvaient y vivre leur passion, prohibée de façon plus active ailleurs.

Een geschiedenis van homoseksualiteit in België [Silenced Desires.

A History of Homosexuality in Belgium], Antwerp: Vrijdag, 2017.

Mobilizing Against Equality, London: Rowman & Littlefield, 2017.

DUPONT Wannes, Elwin HOFMAN & Jonas ROELENS (eds.), Verzwegen verlangen.

We have used Chris Vandenbroeke's work on natality, Jos van Ussel's writings on 'the sexual problem', and Michel Foucault's revision of the 'repressive hypothesis' to illustrate how intellectuals from very different: perspectives have sought to explain sexuality as a key element in the rise of a unique ' West'.

Despite heated debate and clear divides about the use of sources, it seems that this preoccupation remains a powerful leitmotiv.

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It is not so much concerned with identifying, celebrating and/or criticising the work of the so-called 'founding fathers' than with outlining pervasive beliefs regarding the emergence of a modern sexual regime.A wave of homophobia known as the 'lavender scare' hit the United States in the aftermath of the Second World War.A similar lavender scare affected Western Europe during the early Cold War era.We welcome proposals for full panels (of 3-4 papers) as well as offers of individual papers.Papers and panels on all historical periods are welcome.

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