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At street level is another set of shops and other premises, many of which are entered by going down a few steps.The Rows, found in each of the four main streets of the city of Chester, Cheshire, England, are unique.but it is unlikely that they originated before 1200.The first record of the Rows appears in 1293, although it is uncertain whether it refers to a Row as it would be recognised today.They are continuous on both sides of Upper Bridge Street, along most of Watergate and Eastgate Street, but only for a short stretch along the east side of Northgate Street.Originally there were also Rows in Lower Bridge Street but these were blocked during the 17th and 18th centuries.The "earliest unambiguous instance" of the use of the term for an elevated walkway is in 1356.

On the first floor level are more shops and other premises, set back from the street, in front of which is a continuous walkway.

Today about 20 of the stone undercrofts still exist, but at the level of the Rows very little medieval fabric remains.

Many of the buildings containing portions of the Rows are listed and some are recorded in the English Heritage Archive.

We have exclusive use of the Redroom VIP area for our events.

Chester Rows consist of covered walkways at the first floor behind which are entrances to shops and other premises.

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