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IN THE LAST FEW DAYS, I HAVE BEEN RECEIVING ALL DAY &NIGHT CALLS FROM , WHERE IT IS SILENT SOME ACTION MUST BE TAKEN TO STOP SUCH HARASSING CALLERNOW BECAUSE IT IS NOT ONLY BOTHERING ME BUT ALSO BOTHERING SO MANY PEOPLE-THANKS FOR YOUR CONSTANT SUPPORTA lady called my mother's home phone asking for me- I haven't lived there in over years- My mom told her that I don't live there and they caller asked for a man or lady in the home- My mom then asking who was calling then the person said 'oh, no message' then hung up Calls & never leaves a message- Called to see what they wanted- They said that they were A-R-M- and to ask our person to call them at , They said that it was a business matter- Sounds like a collection agency Got a call that was a hang up- Then called again and knew my name, said his name was Anthony B- and wanted to speak to me- I screen my calls and don't answer questions until my questions are answered - asked his company and he hung up on me- He's blocked now but irritating nonethelessi received a call from a email operator asking if i wanted to accept a call from internet caller- i have never received a call like this and declined because i did not know the source-but later i was told it could have been from a hearing impared person wanting to inquire about some puppies i have for sale Received a call from , Caller ID said it was coming from Long Island NY- Caller said they were from Medicare and wanted to update records- He ask for my birth date and when I refused to give it to him, he said well OK and hung upthey called me and i called back and the person was sounding like an old weird witch-it was horrible laughing wierdly the whole time and saying weird staff like "silly rabbit" and constantly laughing like a witch He contacted me from a Meet Up group pretending to be an army officer- And had to leave country on an assignment- Leading g to a romantic relationship over texts and phone calls, then asked to send money to Spain as he needed it for emergency- Which I did- Then other situations, and tried to get my checking account information in pretending that he was going to pay me back- And then sent a fake check that he wanted me to deposit and sent him my check to him because he said he could not cash the check where he was at in UK- Please be careful- Big scamhe is a wise guy from the dominican republic-and works with a woman -and goes by the name gill morales and hernandez he use all these numbers , -the feds know about him and through connects i got hold of his HOME address in DR once i told him his address he promised me to stop calling me -i cant publish his address do to our laws of coersion or i would I didn't answer the call but listened to the message they left- They were asking for Vivianne- They are trying to reach Vianne's mother Pearl Campbell, who have an important long distance call- At first, I was worried that it was very important and was about to call them back letting them know I don't this person but second thought, In this day and age, we still do third party calling?

It is a shame that there are so many scams out there that now I think twice- Hoepfully, Pearl and Vivanne are okay- If anybody knows either Vivanne or Pearl Campbell, please call the number and ask for Brian- He has a message for Pearl Very rude- Whomever keeps calling and asking for "David" or "Chris"- Neither one lives at my house, nor is the phone registered in either name- I keep asking them to remove me from their list- The smart-alecky person that I spoke to said, "Your name is not on the list"- Well, duh Thanks for clearing that up, so why do you keep calling- But I never did give her my name-What morons Similar thing- They asked for my wife's name and then when I aksed who it was the telemarketing a-hole hung up- I called back to find out it was "Indoor Air Research" - What kinda crab is that?

This happened to me, too- I knew I was in trouble when AFTER I ordered the Acai, I saw the same hometown testimonial with a different woman's picture, and then a few days later, a different woman still- All with the same words-I had no trouble canceling and returning the product, or so I thought, until today when I was charged again, and now they are not answering the phonerec'd a call, the caller repeatedly called me uncle- I did not recognize the voice and asked who he was- Kept calling me uncle and asking me to guess who he was- Acted like he knew me- Asked questions about other family members- I told him to identify himself first, because I had no clue- When I would not answer his questions he hung up- Lots of back ground noise in Spanish- He sounded like a prison gang banger- English was definitely not his first language That Alexandra Peace called left a message on answering machine saying she was with some court and civil papers have been filed against me and if I didn't call by end of day she would be sending uniformed officers to my door to serve me papers- She also called my cell and called my daughters cell- I believe this is a collection agency by the name of Convergent Outsourcing and use many different numbers as well as "unknown" has come across my called ID- I refuse to even talk to them because they are bottom scum feeders- If you do choose to answer their call insist on their name, company name, street address and telephone number- Tell the caller that you refuse to discuss any debt until you get a written "validation notice-" The notice must include the amount of the debt, the name of the creditor you owe, and your rights under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act- If the caller refused to give you all of this information, do not pay paying a fake debt collector will not always make them go away- They may make up another debt to try to get more money from you- Stop speaking with the caller- If you have the caller's address, send a letter cease communications and stop contacting you- times out of the debt collector can not validate the debt- They are just buying up old debts for pennies on the dollar and hoping they get lucky with someone who does not know their rights- Here are some of the numbers I know of for Convergent Outsourcing, , , , Hope this was helpful- I am in Texas and according to Texas Law statute of limitations is only years- So if the debt is over years they can not collect, so that is why these scum feeders are buying up the debts to try and make money Got call last night and was asked personal medical questions and was told calling on behalf of my health insurance carrier- Called carrier today and was told that they contact the subscriber by mail not phone- Beware - scam I get these calls times every day for months They want to refil an Ambian perscription- They speak with a heavy accent and can't read english- They always say they're calling from CVS in Florida (I've never lived in FLA)nd time I received this type of call- Recorded message leaves an "" number indicating to call back "immediatley" fo rsome "urgent" matter their office is working on- Well if it were that urgent I guess a real person would be calling mand not asking me to call back- I will keep reporting them on Do not call, which I am registered with but doubt anything will happen- Very annoying This number continues to call and looks for someone named Virginia- I told them that there is no Virginia and they had the wrong number- But the call still keeps coming and this person named Eric says: we called this number and Virginia answered the phone- If you are not Virginia, then someone else answer the phone for you- I told them this is my cell phone- And here is what he said: "If you don't want the system, then tell me so- At least that is honest-" So now they acuse me of lying about my name?

Unbelievable This phone number belongs to a public utility named Caller IDU, Inc-, which is run by Paul Maduno and Luis Martinez- They have entered into revenue sharing agreements with telemarketers who make illegal unsolicited telephone calls- They profit directly from these outbound unsolicited telephone calls-This appears to be a clear violation of a number of laws, including C-F-R- §-(b) of the Federal Telemarketing Sales Rule-Please take a moment to report this call via an online complaint to regulators-Oregon Public Utilities Commission Online Complaints: apps-puc-state-or-us consumer complaint-asp Oregon Attorney General?

If you represent Premier Map then you are a con-man,or worse; an ex-con, con-man- You should all serve life sentences for the pain & suffering you impose on honest, hard-working Americans- I've never seen a modern day company that can survive in a consumer protected environment like Premier Map can- They have put forth substantial legal effort with attorneys into staying above water quasi-legally- This is the sad part of democracy & freedom; when a company like this can survive yr after yr These people have been calling me - times a day for a week- Today it was times- They hang up when I answer, except once- They were selling work at home crap- I told them never to call me again, and hour later, guess what?There is never a free phone chat line trial with us as we are always 100% free.You never have to give any personal information, credit card, or any fees.We've never done business with them and we're on the no call list The person left a message saying that it was "urgent" to speak to me regarding my timeshare benefits- He called again later, this time leaving a message for some other person who I don't know; the message was the same both times I keep getting the same phone call from various numbers about the warranty on my car being up- I just asked to be taken off this number's registry, but I know that tomorrow, I'll get a call from the same company but from a different number He called (with bad command and barely understandable English) asking for Mr or Mrs- When I asked him why he was calling he said he had a ballot that I'd filled out at Walmart or Canadian Tire (and I know neither I nor my husband have filled out any ballots at either of those places)and I won a choice of prizes with no financial obligation (which I thought was funny of him to state)- I told him we didn't fill out any ballots and he said he had it in front of him (and told me part of my address) and I told him that I wasn't interested- He kept repeating that I'd won a choice of prizes with no financial obligation and I told him I didn't know what his point was since I wasn't interested and that maybe I should call the police-Finally I told him that I wasn't interested and he should not call this number again, and he proceeded to tell me to "go to the hell" and hung up- LOL Whatever I have also recieved these phone calls- Although I have recieved numerous names from this person with a thick accent- He also has contacted my work numerous times- I have my local Police Dept involved, Also Security at my work place I found a job posting on a career site that a company is hiring Sales Producer for TV Show It looks like it's from the same address as the threads posted here- And no mention of the name of the company, only TV Producers, Educational Documentaries and they each would make a lot of money working at this place- They seem like they even scam people to work there Received an urgent-sounding call with an authoritative voice asking for me- I asked if I could take a message; caller insisted on speaking to Jackson and asked when he could call back- I told him I did not know when Jackson would be home- He would not leave a message- This comes within a period of time I have received numerous creditor lawsuit "attorney" calls threatening me with court, jail, and arrest- No reason for any of this- My attorney has instructed me to document all such calls, to give no information, and to get a return phone call,none of which this caller or similar callers have been willing to do- This caller seems to be using a local cell-phone number and calling from another state in order to get past an out-of-state caller ID- Watch out for high-pressure threats to get your personal information Horace Mann Insurance Company (for Educators) reminder that Premium is due now- I do not do business with their Company- Evidently the person that had my cell phone number before me did- I am getting at least ten calls a day from bill collectors after her- Very frustrating as I have a Tracfone so every call costs me minutes- Wish there was a way to deal with this as it costs minutes to listen to the voice mail too- One of the cons of cell phone usage I guess-www-horacemann-com , , , The Horace Mann Companies Corporate Complaint Department One Horace Mann Plaza#FSpringfield, IL Update:*Have just spent minutes on the phone (landline) with HM trying to get my cell number removed from their calling list- After speaking with four different people, they will "try" to track it down and get it removed- Since they are the ones calling my number, you would think that would be easy to remove from their system- Sigh- This is an Insurance Company 'For Teachers by Teachers'- Back to the drawing board- I do not have a lot of hope that the calls will cease- Sorry for the long rant, but, it's just so darn frustrating to deal with this and other robo-calls day after day after day Called me using a strange, blocked number- The Person was not even able to speak clear English- He said he was from Microsoft and that my computer was sending error reports of Hackers trying to gain access to my computer- I thought his was strange, never thought Microsoft would contact me first- I took the number down, since I was at work, and then Googled the number and found out this was a Phishing scam Received unwanted phone calls from this number Sept Oct - Got curious after the rd one and called back- Lady answering with "Hello" said that one of my "friends" had probably given her my number to talk about "vacation options"- (I don't think so) Asked her to take me off her list Thank you princess You were absolutly right The "process server" that called was a fake as there is no peding case aginst me- I checked with the clerk of courts my county- I also contacted the loan originator who Capital said they were hired by and they stated the did not hire anyone to prosecute me for fraud-I called Mrs Davis at Capital back and at first she spoke down to me like she had previously but once I informed her I checked with the court and there is not court date set for me or pending case like she stated she quickly began to fumble over her words and then hung up- I called back because I also wanted her to know I reported them and their phony process server to the FTC- She stated that I need to stop calling them and harrassing her- Me? This is the same lady who told me the police were going to show up at my office- I'm glad there are places like this where citizens can warn eachother of these scum bags Thank you again for your help I RCVD CALL FROM THESE JOKERS TODAY- I COULDNT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING THE MAN SAID EXCEPT I MUST WISH YOU GOOD LUCK IF YOU OR YOUR ATTORNEY DO NOT RETURN MY CALL- A VERY HEAVY ACCENT- THESE SCAM ARTISTS NEED TO BE HUNTED DOWN AND LOCKED UPPain relief creme scam, multiple telemarketing calls and I have reported to the FTC repeatedly in the last few months- I've asked to be put on their Do Not Call list even though my number is on the national and state do not call registries Credit Systems International - they buy old Medical accounts receivable and then try to collect- They called me today about a bill from June on my mother - she has been in an institution since - Legitimate, but very uninformed and pushy Received a call from "Vanessa", who claimed to be calling from a company called Aspen- Aspen is not the name that appeared on the caller ID- Cascade Callworks is what showed up- A quick Google search showed that Cascade Callworks is a provider of satellite dish T-V-Vanessa did not wish to leave a message, claiming that she had no callback number They keep calling, in spite of the fact that I have told them to quit calling, and I am not interested- File a consumer complaint with www-fcc-gov, especially if you have told them to quit calling you're not interested and if you are on the Do Not Call registry I just received a phone call from this caller three times in the last hour offering to sell me a U-S- Government money pak (CD) for - money doesn't have to be paid back- This is a scam- Never heard of such a thing- Hard to understand the person speaking on the phone- When I attemped to hang-up she kept talking- Told her I wasn't interested,not to call back- I'll block this number and see if someone I know can follow the address up closely I just got called by these people- A woman claimed she needed information about an injury accident I was hurt in- Then she put me on hold and never came back- (I have a cell phone with limited minutes and have been out of work since the accident- I couldn't keep holding-)I tried calling back, but only got a voice mail box that was too full to accept a message-Who are these people??Bleu Wing Investigations Inc Dearborn, MI, , We take every case seriously and we utilize every available resource to solve your problem- At Blue wing investigations all associates come from professional Public safety back rounds Private Investigator, Private Investigation, Private Detectives, Private Investigation Agency, Detective Agency bleuwinginvestigationsinc-comthis number called and someone with an Indian accent who did not seem to be very good at scam phone calls wanted to talk to the main user of our computer- When I asked "who is this" the voice (which sounded like someone very young) said "your father" idiotthe # came from wind stream phone comp it looks like face book-com or some net messenger SIM TEXT service if its a PHISHING scam or not it Is wind stream pray for them and you, They maybe trying hard for good service with what they have to work with i somewhat trust them but then again at&t, all the mama BELL,sprint too, and the other ones that wont let me post there name- THE ONE who need to upgrade for USA is straight talk no contract all you can do for what you have, SO FORTH AN SO ON STRAIGHT TALKDO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER BACK Article is here: www-king-com news get-jesse One-Ring- , ,html Jahanel Neal's cell phone bill is under attack from scammers in the Dominican Republic- They got her for - It appears the Shelton resident is part of the one ring scam- Scammers call your phone once and then hang up- Then later, when you call them back, the thieves hit you with huge charges- ?

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