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Harry Sanborn is an aged music industry exec with a fondness for younger women like Marin, his latest trophy girlfriend.Things get a little awkward when Harry suffers a heart attack at the home of Marin's mother Erica.Luckily, this classic about what it's like to be an awkward teenager in love ends well, with one of the most iconic movie kisses ever.An uptight, conservative businesswoman accompanies her boyfriend to his eccentric and outgoing family's annual Christmas celebration and finds that she's a fish out of water in their free-spirited way of life.The streets of Rome serve as the backdrop for their blossoming relationship and, thanks to the movie's iconic scooter scene, driving a Vespa around city streets with your crush is now on every romantic traveler's to-do list.) has a not-so-sweet 16th birthday, with almost everything imaginable going wrong.Left in the care of Erica and his doctor, a love triangle starts to take shape.With this film, Sony became the first studio to release nine films that opened at number one at the box-office in a single year.

", "Mawwiage", and "Inconceivable." Reese Witherspoon is at her Southern best in this rom-com about rising fashion designer Melanie (Witherspoon) who returns home to Alabama to finalize a divorce from her ex Jake (Josh Lucas) before heading to New York City to marry to socialite Andrew () may work together, but somehow, they're both engaged to the wrong people (Julia Guglia! The music, pop-culture references, and outrageous fashion of the 1980s makes this rom-com even funnier, as do several musical performances by Sandler, including our favorite: "Love Stinks".As they fall in love, he fears what his traditional Muslim family will think of their relationship (his mom is constantly inviting potential wives over for dinner, after all).When Emily becomes seriously ill, Kumail and her parents form a heart-warming bond that changes everything.This late '90s flick may be an early example of falling in love over the Internet, but its message still rings true in today's tech-driven world: sometimes the best thing for your love life can be the World Wide Web.) marry her so she can avoid deportation to Canada.

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