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The group’s seventh studio record will be released on November 2nd via BMG/Take...

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And the fact that I was a church girl and believe in the difference between right and wrong helped, too.” It’s one of the many aspects of Faith and Biggie’s relationship addressed in Evans’ new album, “The King and I,” out Friday.He was right though, because people still ask me about that performance all the time.Faith: Me and Kim agreed to not talk about the altercations we had anymore because we have moved on. But yeah, my Land Cruiser was pretty badly scratched up, so I just ended up getting a new one. “He didn’t want me and his mother [Voletta Wallace] to meet,” Evans tells The Post. But my daughter Chyna [then a toddler, from a previous relationship] was around quite a bit, and she saw the love I had for her. But the whirlwind romance caused a problem for the Brooklyn rapper: how to break the news to his mother.

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