Who is alyson stoner dating now

Alyson Stoner is a multi-talented actress, singer, dancer, and model.

With her charming looks and incredible talent, she has won the heart of millions of people.

There’s not much information as to why the couple broke up, but the two are now walking their separate paths.

Since Alyson Stoner broke up with Martella, she has not been involved in any relationship and is currently single.

Back in 2004, a rumor surfaced that Alyson Stoner was dating American actor Cole Sprouse.

Fans were inquisitive about their relationship, but their relationship wasn’t confirmed because they weren’t seen together a lot.

Stoner has not been in a lot of relationships in her life.

Later, it was revealed that they were just friends and nothing more than that.

Alyson Stoner started dating American actor, Vincent Martella in 2009.

Opening about her relationship with Cole on the Night-Time Show Podcast, Alyson revealed that the first boy she had a crush on and dated was Cole Sprouse.

The two were cozily dating when Cole, on Alyson's birthday, ended their affair saying that their relationship was not going to work.

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