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Lunden has appeared on the Biography Channel and Biography program. Krauss but later divorced in 1992, the couple have three daughters: Jamie Beryl Krauss, born July 4, 1980; Lindsay Leigh Krauss (born 1983); and Sarah Emily Krauss (born 1987).After Lunden marriage to Krauss, she converted to Judaism.

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At the age of 18, Sofia Vergara was married to her childhood sweetheart Joe Gonzalez, and gave birth to their son in September 1992, but they later divorced.The arrangement between a couple with (maybe hired or depends on the agreement) a woman that will carry and deliver a child is known as surrogacy.The traditional surrogacy can be the genetic mother of the child being born, which can be conceived through “home artificial insemination” using fresh or frozen sperm cells or impregnated through intrauterine insemination (IUI), or intracervical insemination (ICI) performed at a health clinic, or the child is unrelated genetically which is known as the gestational surrogacy, which requires the transferring of a created womb or embryo previously, in which the process always takes place in a clinic or hospital.The couple have discussed publicly their fertility issues on television talk shows, having tried to conceive since the beginning of 2009.In March 2010, the couple began (IVF) in vitro fertilization, and Giuliana Rancic got pregnant in 2010 spring, however, at nine weeks of pregnancy, she suffered a miscarriage.

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