Who is jayne torvill dating

Now Jayne has let slip a huge hint that the show WILL be back - with her and partner Christopher Dean involved.Speaking to The Sun, she said: "I love that it’s coming back, it’s great news.The pair won gold and became the highest scoring figure skaters of all time for a single programme As well as that announcement, tonight's episode also saw Antony Cotton and Donna Air leave in a double eviction.The two couples were up against Max Evans and his skating professional Ale Izquierdo in the dance-off, before the judges unanimously decided to keep Max and bid farewell to the other two."But on the other hand it was clear they didn't really like us being back, and they certainly didn't want to see us win anything." T & D were drawing their own conclusions even during their bold bid to sweep up the medals again, a decade after their interpretation of Ravel's "Bolero" had left even the most cynical viewer spellbound."The months leading up to the British Championships were very enjoyable," Dean said.The expressions and the mood today are in stark contrast to 20 months ago."We were made to feel like outsiders in an environment that had suddenly become alien to us," Dean said.

The Olympic gold medallists are apparently poised to resume their coaching roles, while judge Jason Gardiner is also said to be in talks with bosses.Nonetheless, her son is already giving her ideas for potential celebrity contestants."My son is a massive Steven Gerrard fan," she revealed at the Good Morning Britain Health Star Awards."He wants him to do Dancing On Ice as he’s retired now."He’s also keen on David Beckham taking part but I told him that’s unlikely!In hindsight, we should have just gone with our own thing and not taken any notice of the advice." As if given a cue, Dean takes over."The sport was, on the one hand, encouraging the professionals to return to the Olympics and the other major competitions, because they needed the publicity and exposure," he said.

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