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Besides the millions who watch him each week on “Talking Dead” after every episode of “The Walking Dead” (and starting on Sunday, April 10, “Fear the Walking Dead”), 5.5 million people download his Nerdist podcast each month, while the Nerdist website draws close to 10 million visitors.He has 2.8 million followers on Twitter and another million on Instagram.Next came a gadget reviewer gig on G4’s “Attack of the Show,” which led to “Web Soup.” His zombie expertise, and a connection with a top AMC executive from his MTV days, helped him land “Talking Dead” in 2011, and “@Midnight” followed in 2013.All the while, the Nerdist blog he began in 2008 grew into a full-fledged digital media company, with a news website, nearly 50 podcasts, a You Tube channel and even an improv and sketch comedy academy. Hardwick now has a career that allows him to hang out with the likes of Weird Al Yankovic never ceases to amaze him: “So much of my life are moments my 12-year-old self wouldn’t be able to fully process.”“How’s everyone feeling? Hardwick asked as he convened what he calls his “weekly ritualistic therapy session.”The studio audience for “Talking Dead” on March 13 had just watched a particularly gruesome episode of “The Walking Dead.” Dozens of people died, many of them burned alive on the killing floor of a slaughterhouse. Hardwick found a bright side: No one from the core cast numbered among the casualties. Hardwick an in-demand host (and moderator for Comic-Con panels): his natural rapport with his guests.Hardwick suddenly splayed his fingers over his closed eyes and reeled off, rapid fire, pi to more than 100 places.The show’s writers and producers, jaded sorts, began to clap.“He is very adept at making his guests funnier,” said Kent Alterman, who’s the president of original programming at Comedy Central.

Hardwick cracked jokes about the just-announced return of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones.

Stand-up comedians don’t always make the best television hosts.

They’re typically both the author and executor of their material, not collaborators, and their interviewing skills often leave much to be desired. Hardwick is a good listener, and his deep familiarity with his guests’ work allows him to be quick on his feet.

And later this year, he will try to cross over to network television when he hosts an NBC trivia game show called “The Wall.”“Chris has been able to build a brand because he is genuine, and authentic,” said Thomas Tull, the chief executive of Legendary Entertainment, the company behind “Jurassic World” and the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy.

(It bought Nerdist Industries in 2012 and in turn was purchased in January by a Chinese conglomerate for .5 billion.) “In a world with plenty of white noise, he cuts through because he loves what he does, and the fans sense that.”Of course, the building of a media empire comes with its share of possible pitfalls. Hardwick gets stretched so thin he can’t keep up with the latest twists in the Marvel Universe or the time-jumps of Doctor Who, his bond with the audience could fray.

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