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Still marked by the high jinks and good-time revelry he's known for the tropical feeling morning-after introduction of "Got a Little Crazy," the shimmering, wide-open embrace of being young and free of "Just Not Today" - but the musical synthesis and emotional openness could've only come from a life lived in, around, making and loving music.

Certainly one need only listen to the halting apology of a man who knows he's built to fade, "Better as a Memory," to hear both the nakedness of knowing one's limit and recognizing sometimes the kindest thing to do is not get carried away in the emotion or the moment.

The star expressed excitement over the album's outcome and being able to debut its songs on tour."I feel like I know what this album’s supposed to be, and I know how much it means to me.

I wanted to get it just right, before we set a release date…

At the particular moment Kenny Chesney girlfriend does not exist, he has not declared about being in a relationship with any woman that could be called like this.

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is due out on July 27 -- a day before Chesney’s tour stops in Chicago.

The positivity of "Get Along" is an indication of what can be expected from "It is an album about the refuges we all have, how temporary life is and the way we navigate to better places, dig in and face the destruction.

And sometimes, we learn to own our wild hearts in the process," Chesney said.

After four months has passed from their union and Kenny Chesney girlfriend decided to go to court and filled the necessary papers in order to have their marriage annulated and she named an interesting reason for it “fraud”.

Than some time passed by and finally she got the answer and het wish was fulfilled and the following December she was single again and lost her status as the Kenny Chesney girlfriend, because the annulment for their marriage was granted.

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