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Although she is known by the name Kristanna Loken, as a child, she was named as Kristanna Sommer Loken.

It was in 1994 when she started her career in acting as a third actress who played the character as Danielle Andropoulos in an episode of As The World Turns.

On a Friday night in LA LA land, I scuttle down a darkened Downtown alley.

The streets here are grim and deserted at night, save for the usual corner dwellers muttering slurred profanities.

Scantily costumed in an ivory lace mini dress and lace-up Jeffrey Campbell go-go boots, I feel uncomfortably exposed.

A glimpse of purple light illuminates the end of the alley, and my pace quickens. Finally I reach my destination, marked by a crowd of buoyant, barely dressed men. Every year the Gay Men’s Chorus of LA (GMCLA) throws “Fred & Jason’s Halloweenie,” an extravagant affair drawing hordes of gay city dwellers eager to outshine the competition and get tipsy.

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