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I am so tired of Nightline, CNN, ABC, and yes the great matriarch himself, Tyler Perry, telling me that I am the problem. the kind of man who is proud to say I am the husband of such and such using her maiden name . I know being a black man is hard [cue the homeless black man on the corner playing the violin]. However, the intention of this blog is about black men and Nightline understanding why some black women “choose” to be single because we are not willing to acquiesce to the cow dung—black male privilege.There is a political project afoot to make black women feel they are woefully inadequate. – April 24, 2010 Facebook’s Status, Fallon of blaming black women for the woes of the black man, the woes of the black community, and the woes of the economy. the kind of man who will endure many years of psycho therapy to understand his emotions so that he can be an emotionally available father and husband . We are not willing to settle for black men who are not emotionally available irrespective if he wears a “blue collar,” a “white collar,” or a “green job collar.” Honestly, I’m sick and tired of being the problem.You will follow the money that flowed from the shadowy organizations of the super rich to pay for the ads that won the races.You will learn about the unscrupulous gold-peddlers who are virtually the sole underwriters of Glenn Beck’s Fox News show.He has worked at media outlets in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Atlanta and contributed to a number of publications, including The Root and The American Prospect, among many others.So, that we are crystal clear I do not run behind black men. I am not desperate for their attention, money, or third arm. the kind of man who will smile and at times grin at her witticism/arguments deeply respecting her thoughts . Of course, as a good race woman, I have to say that this blog is not an indictment against black men.

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wanting to marry the senator instead of being the senator syndrome) when I was searching for my voice. the kind man who does not mentally masturbate with black feminist heterosexual women, but who wants a lifetime of memories with her (yep, that’s my personal gripe). Yes, some people believe if black women would stop working then black men could take their jobs and all the social problems in the black community will be remedied. And I am tired of being berated by the news media and blamed for the demoralization of our communities when we all know capitalism, racism, sexism, class, poverty, heteronormativity, and black male privilege are all to blame for the many issues we face in our communities. Yes, I said and will continue to say, Black men are part of the Problem and why I “choose” to be single. The Black Youth Project is a platform that highlights the voices and ideas of Black millennials.

The rule is a sportsmanship rule, a colorblind, gender-neutral rule that says you should be classy in victory and gracious to those whom you have beaten. Any behind-the-scenes conflicts that have marred the build-up to this event are history as far as I'm concerned. Shani Davis and Chad Hedrick are bad sports, period.

Here's the rough outlines of the script: I'm thrilled to have won. Talented but small-minded men who allowed their squabble to poison what should have been a joyous, proud moment for them and for their nation.

But, I ain’t her now and I don’t know too many black women who are. the kind of man who allows a black woman to be herself . Once again, I believe there is a political project afoot to make black women to feel woefully inadequate because they lack black hetero-male romantic partnership/marriage. Through knowledge, voice, and action, we work to empower and uplift the lived experiences of young Black Americans today.

If you want a more scholarly understanding of this issue I suggest you read Melissa Harris Lacewell’s Nightline asks why black women can’t get a man or Farai Chideya How Does It Feel to Be a Black, Female, Single Problem because my blog is going to be a rant about how I think black men are the problems. Okay, not the pen-ultimate problem, but definitely the problem when it comes to how they use their hetero-male privilege in romantic relationships with black women in particular black women like me who are not willing to put up with their I know this makes me a bad race woman and perhaps even a bad feminist, but it’s the truth. Perhaps, someone who has a should write a how-to-book with colorful pictures teaching black men how to become unconventional/atypical black men . And I think part of the political project is to cloak the dysfunctionality of capitalism and to warn other groups of women what will happen if they stray too far from appropriate feminine behaviors and identities—you will be blamed for the toxic social issues of your community and will be subjected to public ridicule on Nightline and other mainstream news shows—so be a good little girl .

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