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Centinela Valley Hospital in Inglewood was the choice for the upcoming surgery. Joe does everything he can think of to throw Tanner off his trail, but the man is an expert tracker and scout who is fluid, agile and invigorated by his newfound freedom in his insane mind.

Dan had practically quit smoking and drinking, too. He shoots at Joe and verbally gives him a four hour head start and then he is coming after him and will kill him.

Forever was originally written for Dan Blocker in two parts during the first two weeks in May of 1972. Back at the Ponderosa, Joe has a business deal at Fort Bragg and Ben is counting on him to take care of the deal for him.

His scripts were the shortest and most quiet on the series, 39 to 48 pages long, where most were 60 or 70 page count. He rides up to the adobe shack and guns down a Mexican man and gives his lunch to his dog, petting him, and rides away with an errie whistle.

Halfway through the story, she is brutally killed and Hoss seeks revenge against the men who murdered her and their unborn child. Schulte, as the prosecutor, and Sally Kemp makes her only appearance, as Kate Fallon. Joe assumes he's in the Army when his eyes spot the Army saddlebags on the horse Tanner has stolen.

In it, Hoss abandons bachelorhood and gets married to a beautiful and shy woman named Alice Harper. Trivia: Byron Mabe makes his second and last appearance on the series, William Wintersole makes his only appearance as Mr. A figure approaches from beyond the campfire and it's Tanner.

This was Michael Landon's peak contribution to Bonanza. He sights an Army man sitting at a campfire and quietly sneaks up behind him, picks up his special rifle and shoots him down in cold blood. They had been leasing a home in the country since the 60's, and the children attended school there for a broader education. Last episode ever filmed, containing one quick, final glimpse of the Ponderosa's exterior. Joe awakens at sunrise the next morning to find his horse and supplies have vanished and he is all alone. Dan was currently in Lugano, Switzerland, with his family. Music Trivia: The theme cue heard in the casino for "Marie, My Love", was tracked over to underscore the scenes where Ben and his attorney first meet Mr. Location Scenes Filmed at: Franklin Lake, Southern California and newly filmed August-September 1972 stock footage of Joe at Brown's Meadow, California. Griff goes undercover as the "husband" of a government agent to snare a gang of war criminals. Joe hears him and asks Tanner is anything is wrong, and he says no and Tanner bids him a good night's sleep once more.Joe marries Alice Harper, and shortly after they begin their new life, thugs appear to collect money owed by Alice's indolent brother, with tragic results. They put him on a heart and lung machine and detected a blood clot in one of his lungs. Tanner is full of stamina and runs into the edge of town, whistling the errie tune. Hal Burton...(& uncredited; horseback double and falling double for Michael Landon and jail cell double for Tom Skerritt),... He was previously seen in six's, "Thanks For Everything, Friend", as Jerry.Perhaps the most atypical and emotional episode of the series, as well as the first without Dan Blocker. They got him in the emergency room and were administering an antidote they said would thin the clot, but eleven hours later the blood clot proved fatal. He senses Joe is there and slowly walks down the deserted street, ready to gun him down and end the game. Atop the jail's roof, he throws a rock down the flue pipe into the jail and Tanner goes for the door and Joe bolts him inside. Later of TV's, "Picket Fences" and also in many feature films in his long career.

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